Welcome to the Beginning

This is my place on the internet and my name is Cortok.

I sometimes make games with RPG Maker and Godot Engine. I also like to rant and think about stuff, some of which I hope to archive on this site.
Otherwise, I'm just here to have fun making a website! Click "about" to the left to learn more about me and/or explore the rest of the site.

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Here's the latest game I've worked on.
It's an exploration game in the vein of
Yume Nikki or LSD Dream Simulator.
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Site Updates

14/10/2022 - Added some quick links and graphics to the homepage. ~ C

13/10/2022 - Added an entry to the Writing section. Added some colour to my homepage. Added Misc section and buttons. ~ C

12/10/2022 - This website is born! Learning HTML, CSS and gathering ideas. Much to consider... ~ C